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1.    Stephen Longden, ITS Specialist of SBD

l             I think it was a very successful event and the organization was very good.

l             The translation, facilities and meals were excellent.

l             The large number of delegates was impressive.


2.    Glen Gibbons, Editor and Managing Partner of Inside GNSS

l          The content of the program was very high quality -- with high-level speakers from leading organizations in China and elsewhere in the world. A lot of quantitative information was provided on application markets and market projections; qualitatively, the discussion of key issues in the telecom and vehicle/personal navigation seemed very insightful and current.

l        Logistically, the conference was extremely well-organized.


3.    Jeff Zhou, Director Strategy and M&A, Division of Infotainment Solutions, Siemens VDO Automotive AG

l            I feel very pleased about Siemens VDO’s cooperation with NaviForum as a sponsor for  four consecutive years, and I also feel much honored to have the chance to serve the event.

l          Over the past years, I’ve met with many industry colleagues and members of the organizing committee. I hope we could have more opportunities of communication and cooperation in the future to together contribute to further development of China navigation industry.


4.    Chengqi Ran, Vice President, China Satellite Navigation Project Center

l             It was well organized.

l             We greatly appreciate NaviForum and the industry’s attention to Compass (Bei Dou).

l             I wish NaviForum can be improved year by year.


5.    Pengfei Cheng, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping

l             It’s very good to have overseas experts to talk about policies in other countries.

l             “Face to Face with Expert” is very good, but it could be much better if there is more time.


6.    Chinchu Nakanishi, Automotive Electronics Product Development Dept. Software Development Group 2 Manager, Alpine Electronics, Inc.

l           The event is very good on the whole. Especially the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping described the latest updates on Chinese policies.

l           The topics are all attractive to the attendees.


7.    Jing Qian, Senior Editor, IT168.COM

It is an annual event for communication about navigation and geographic information application. NaviForum Shanghai 2007 was international, professionally organized, and full of harmonious and rewarding exchanges. I’m looking forward to NaviForum next year.



8.    Yongbing Wang, Operation Director, Intelligent Transportation System World

As an eyewitness and supporter of NaviForum Shanghai, I can express my feeling about it with four words: delight, innovation, patience, and prospect.

l          Delight ─ From the very beginning, NaviForum has been collecting the most latest and prospective industry news and making investigation into related hot issues. The circles have always been delighted about this.

l          Innovation ─ NaviForum keeps persistent innovation. It brings new highlights year after year and keeps rising steadily just like sesame in bloom.

l          Patience ─ The organizing committee staffs offer good services to the industry and attendees, professionally and patiently.

l          Prospect ─ Just as each delegate thinks, the yearly event not only summarizes the industry updates and status quos but also forecasts the future development trend.

Wish NaviForum Shanghai greater success.



9.    Qi Huang, Reporter, Xinmin Weekly

l           NaviForum is a bridge of communication between the industry and the public.

l          Though as a science journalist of the comprehensive media Xinmin Weekly, I had limited understanding of the navigation industry. NaviForum Shanghai 2007 gave me a good chance to know every aspects of the industry in two days. It was of great benefit to me.

l          NaviForum 2007 presented rich contents and a lot of information. It depicted the development process of the China navigation industry, in various aspects and forms, and through speeches of authoritative speakers at each venue. During the forum, I had a multilayer and all-round understanding of the navigation industry. The forum contained not only retrospects and prospects of the industry, but also comparisons between domestic and foreign industries; not only summarization of previous achievements, but also exploration of difficulties and problems facing the industry development.

l         Readers of Xinmin Weekly also pay much attention to the booming navigation industry. NaviForum Shanghai 2007 was like a window. It publicized science technologies to the public and introduced the navigation industry development. I hope I can attend NaviForum again to follow up the industry updates. I also hope the development of the navigation industry can bring more convenience and fun for people’s lives.


10.  Lisa Zhu, Executive Chief Editor, Automobile & Parts

NaviForum 2007 was impressive to me. I think it was the most successful one in four years. The warm-ups and promotion before the forum were well in place, and the on-site materials were all ready in advance.


11.  Jingwei Liu, Reporter, www.chinacars.com

l           NaviForum 2007 was good as a whole. The early promotion is sufficient and information is distributed timely and properly. The arrangement about media relations was also good. The participating media were given some hints about related news focus in advance, so we can collect and edit news with a definite target in mind.

l          Personally, I think it will be much better to hold such a high-tech forum at some higher-level venue in Pudong district, because attendees will tend to have a more intensive feeling of high & new technology.


12.  Kejian Wang, Reporter, Computer Business Information

I can feel the good preparations of NaviForum 2007. The most appropriate media, exhibitors, and speakers were invited. Especially, the participation of domestically and internationally famous experts added brightness to the forum and showed the significance and influence of such an international forum. Much different from other events, NaviForum 2007 provided opportunities for attendees to talk to experts face to face. The elaborate planning of the organizing committee is really appreciated.


13.  Taoran Yu, Reporter, Shanghai Evening Post

I think the media briefing before the opening ceremony was very good and friendly enough. News about the opening ceremony could be released to the public timely and accurately. What’s more important and attractive, the media had a good chance to interview influential figures face to face.


14.  Kai Xu, Reporter, International Finance News

The topics were good and extensive. It covered all links and all aspects of the industry chain, so attendees could get a lot of information. The sub-venues made it possible for attendees to listen to topics to their mind.


15.  Xia Yang, Reporter, Vogel

l           It was professional and focused as a whole. The contents were attractive, the organization was ordered, and the audiences were of higher level than before. I believe NaviForum can promote the navigation industry and market and attract more and more attention. As everyone knows, the navigation industry has much room to be improved. At this very moment, the yearly NaviForum seems extremely important.

l          I suggest more interactive activities be included.


16.  Hao Li, Reporter, eFashion

l         It was excellent on the whole and all related topics were involved.

l         I hope there are more chances for interactions with speakers and other attendees.