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Bernhard Hofmann-Wellenhof
Shanghai Naviforum Expert Committee Chairman Overseas

(1) Excellent organization in every aspect.
(2) Good exhibition with very satisfying attendance.
(3) Very attractive location with good infrastructure (should not be changed!).
(4) Proposals for improvement:
(a) After each scientific presentation, there should be left some time for questions and answers. This tremendously increases the value of the presentation and improves the communication between the speaker and the audience.
(b) If a Sino-France ITS Workshop will be held again at the next Shanghai Naviforum, these presentations should also be translated into English.

Jean Chenebault
Shanghai Naviforum Expert Committee Member

Naviforum2006 was a great success and the Naviforum2006 experience was really great and I hope to contribute actively next year for Naviforum2007.
I propose to increase the contribution of European Expert in the Expert Committee and to work closely with u on the aspect in order to develop a fruitful technical collaboration for the coming years.

Richard Reclus
Head of sector-based development, Grand Toulouse

Naviforum is the most important event in China dedicates to the satellite navigation.

Jeff Zhou
Head of Strategy and Marketing within Division Infotainment Solutions

"With the successful Shanghai NaviForum taking place in the past years the NaviForum has been established as an important event within navigation industry. It provides industry experts, all market participants from all over the world to exchange views on the navigation industry development at domestic and international level. Siemens VDO has been a key sponsor for NaviForum over last three years and we will continue supporting it."

koji Ukena
General Manager of Corporate ITS Terminal Promotion Office, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company

I have been attending the Forum every year as an expert committee member. The 3rd NaviForum changed into more wonderful and progressed one compared with the last 2 times.

The reason is because your program gradually focused on citizen's needs. The panel discussions were very good especially on the theme of Chinese market. Many excellent panelists talked and discussed about the future planning of new business. Last 2 times, the sessions were basically tutorial sessions focused on historical seeds, but this time it changed and progressed based on market needs. With this change, I anticipate that this Forum would lead to open new Chinese market.

I will keep on watching and supporting the FORUM.

Jacob Bangsgaard
the Director or External Affairs and Communications, ERTICO
It was the third time ERTICO participated and supported the coordination of the NaviForum conference and we have been impressed each time by the number of participants and the quality of the exhibited devices and services. We would also like to thank you in particular for the organization for our MODIBEC meeting and we would be pleased to contribute to next year's event.

Stacy Kang
Senior Manager of Global Biz Alliance Department of KOTBA

Navigation Forum was one of the best event for telematics related business industries for catching up the latest trend and status of teleamtics and LBS market in China. Also, it gives a variety information and suggestions how we can push this market with gov't and private sectors effort. 

This event also gave many Korean Telematics Service providers to meet many possible partners in China that it was a great opportunities to create the new business. 

I hope this event would act as a gateway to promote telematics and LBS industries in China with global market.

Qingzhong Zhang
Standing Council Member of China Institute of Communications

The NaviForum 2006 was very successful.
The forum’s strong organizing capability was the basic promise for the success.
The support from “star corporations” was the important precondition for Naviforum’s success.
The combination of navigation and mobile communications is a trend of development.

I wish the NaviForum 2007 a larger success!

Ruming Chen
Vice Chairman of MII Communications Science & Technology Commission

Theprospect of universal navigation industry service is very bright. NaviForum Shanghai 2006 played a successful role  as the communications platform for technological and industrial development of the domestic and international navigation industries.

Chong Cao
Researcher of Information Service Center of China Technical Application Association for Global Positioning System
In the past three years, Naviforum had been held for 3 times in succession, and I attended them all. The scale of Naviforum becomes larger and larger, the level becomes higher and higher, and the event becomes more and more impressive. The forum was held in time, in place and with influence. I hope it will go on as an annual event, becoming an international brand and a communications platform promoting navigation industrial and technological development. Therefore, the forum shall be well planned with properly designed focuses discussed in multiple corresponding modules, and thus become even more significant and meaningful. Endeavors shall also be given to presentations at the forum. Text presentation is necessary, and official minutes will also be the helpful complementary to speech PPT. These are the advantageous resources which can be accumulated and obtained, are the essential measure to integrate the form and the content, to connect the reality and the prospect and to combine the attendees and non-attendees, and are the important way to enlarge the forum’s influence and realize wide social sharing.

Bo Meng
President of China Galileo Satellite Navigation Co.,Ltd.
Very good as a whole. Very closely connected with the market.

Chunda Qin
Manager of Jiangsu Shinco Electronic Group Co.

Naviforum 2006 was very successfully.

It accelerated the information exchange, shortened the difference between China and the world and pushed the growth of the navigation industry.