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Mr. Phillippe Douste-Blazy
The French Minister of Foreign Affairs

     On December 8th and 9th 2005, NaviForum, the most important Chinese convention on  Satellite Navigation took place in Shanghai. This event gave foreign participants including  representatives from Toulouse the opportunity to observe the full-fledged commitment of the Chinese authorities to developing Galileo application as well as the determination of Chinese companies to actively participate in the new technological and commercialera generated by this European program.

Ying Wang
Consultant of Department of Electronics and I.T. Products Management of Ministry of Information Industry

1. The forum has quite focused themes, and the speeches well discussed topics including trends of and policies for navigation technological development, introduction to Galileo System, ITS, Telematics, personalnavigation, industrialization of digital navigation mapping, etc. Four sub sessions also kept to their respective special concerns. The whole event boasts a variety of colorful and vivid contents.
2. Representative domestic and foreign experts and enterprises who enjoy good reputation in the world were invited to attend the forum, which gave distinguished famous brand effect.
3. The exhibition was well organized. Many exhibits were typical, reflecting the new  technological trends of personal navigation and entertainment products.
4.The overall arrangement work is careful and considerate, which is well received by attendees.

Günter Hauptmann
Member Executive Management of Siemens VDO

1. NaviForum is a good window of information about the current development of Chinese navigation industry;
2. The Forum is well organized with good presentations and exhibits;
3. I wish that NaviForum can be continued with active participation by car makers.

Fai Yeung
Director of Automotive and Transumer Segment Marketing Transportation and Standard Products(Asia), Freescale

Shanghai NaviForum  2005 was a successful event in many aspects such as
    Strong Government support. key represenatatives from the Ministry of Science and State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping provided good insights into the China market and some of the future directions.
    Strong support from executives of leading organizations and companies from China, Europe, US and Japan. This provided an unique opportunity for people in the industry to share views, communicate ideas and get a feeling of the market trend.
    Navigation / Telematics is an industry which involved many parties such as government  regulation, service provider and operator, car companies, automotive electronics tier 1 suppliers, key IC and software providers. The business model and industry chain need to be established so that there is a chance of success on deployment and  consumer  recognition. There are many  seminars and forums in China about automotive electronics but usually they are too general and not specific. The support and success of NaviForum indicated that a Focused effort on a good potential market such as navigation and telematics application brought value to the industry.

Xingdong Tan
Senior Project Manager of New Products Center of Department of Data Service, China Mobile

Thanks for your considerate service. The forum was organized in a professional way, and was just in time to provide automobile circles, navigation service circles, mobile  communications circles, and other concerned circles with a great platform  for communications. I  wish NAVIGATIONFORUM would be more and more successful! And I also hope that at next NAVIGATIONFORUM, China Mobile would  better contribute to promotion of the industry.

Xinggang Wang
Vice Manager of Location Business Division of Value-added Service Department, China Unicom 

China Unicom would like to appreciate NAVIGATIONFORUM SHANGHAI 2005 for giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our products. As a new comer of navigation  industry,  the communication  with many vendors and cooperators at  this event is quite helpful for us to broaden our minds, make new friends, and better understand the industrial trends. Meanwhile, we hope that the demonstration of our products would help our customers, and that we would be  able to contribute to development  of this industry.
During the forum, we also talked with officials from State Bureau of Surveying & Mapping and other government offices, deeply impressed by government's support to this industry. The governmental involvement and promotion would definitely accelerate the navigation industrial development.

Jacob Bangsgaard
Director of External Affairs and Communications of ERTICO

    ERTICO is glad to participate the NaviForum 2005. We are impressed by the number of guests and quality of the presentations. We would like to say thank you particularly for the  organisation for our TMC Press Conference. It was a truly well organised conference. Well done!

Percy Lam
GM of Motorola Automotive Asia Pacific

    NaviForum Shanghai 2005, compared with the last one, introduced more new items, such as  exhibition for consumers, interactive panel discussion by leaders from 8 digital navigation  mapping enterprises, on-site press conference, etc, which largely increase the publicizing and promoting effect. We sincerely hope related government offices would continue holding this kind of interactive forum which is duly and contains abundant industrial information, and would release forum information as early as possible to attract more people of the industry and consumers to come.

Shiming Han
Executive Director of Beijing GuanTu Info-tech. Co., Ltd.

    The well organized forum is quite an eye-opener, and I hope to participate again in the event next year.

Wen Zhong
General Manager of PDAger Mobility Inc.

    The forum was well organized and quite interesting. As the industry has just set its step in China, a platform for general communication and I nteraction is highly valuable to the industrial development. Hope more consumers would take part in the next forum.

Nanjie Gao
PV Product Planning Manager of Business Plan Development Dept., Shanghai GM

    Thanks for your invitation. The forum was well organized, and we've heard a lot from the government and suppliers. Hope more topics concerning governmental policies would be added to the forum next year, and I believe you would make the forum even better next year.

Chunda Qin
General Manager of Navigation Division, Shinco Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

    The forum provided us with a great platform for communication which popularized navigation knowledge,  promoted multilateral cooperation, and assisted navigation industrial advancement.

Kenichiro Mori
Yano Research Institute Ltd. 

First of all, congratulations to the success of NaviForum Shanghai 2005. I feel most honored to be invited as a speaker of the forum, and hope that along with growing prosperity of  China  navigation market, NaviForum Shanghai would be more and more successful.Yano Research Institute would do our best to coordinate with the forum in future, and also hope to receive suggestions and support from you. Thank you!