> 2005 >Forum Brief

Organizing Committee Honorary Chairman
  Mr. Songde Ma     Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.C.
  Mr. Jingrong Xie     Vice Director General of State Bureau of Surveying & Mapping
  Ms. Junqi Yan      Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government

Organizing Committee Co-Chairman
  Mr. Liqin Shao    Inspector of High & New Tech. Development & Industrialization Department of Ministry of Science & Technology, P.R.C.
  Mr. Baoli Wang     Vice Director of Department of Professional Management, State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
  Mr. Kehong Chen    Vice Director of Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

Expert Committee Chairman
  Mr. Jingnan Liu    President of Wuhan University
                                    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

  December 8th-9th (Thursday and Friday), 2005

  Department of High & New Tech. Development and Industrialization, Ministry of Science and Technology
  Department of Professional Management, State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
  Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

     NAVIFORUM SHANGHAI 2005 & Display of International Individual Navigation and Entertainment Products were successfully closed on Dec. 9, 2005 in Shanghai.
     The two-day forum refreshed the its record of internationalization and specialization: among over 400 attendees, overseas guests take up more than 30% of the total; half of the 43 speeches given were international speeches; number of exhibitors exceeds 120; number of university and college attendees exceeds 10; over 50 media companies of all fields reported the event after on-site interviews. Mr. Phillippe Douste-Blazy, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, also sent a special letter to express congratulations, highly praising the forum as “the most important Chinese convention on satellite navigation”.
     The forum sticks to the principle of "boosting the internationalization of navigation industry", seeking for further innovation and development based on the feedbacks of NAVIFORUM SHANGHAI 2004. A general overview of the forum may fill your eye with highlights, and the industrial influence of the forum was even enlarged. Wireless carriers, the leading role in China LBS service value chain, also got comprehensively involved in the forum. A number of regional mobile companies participated in the whole forum, and China Unicom, with the forum serving as a platform, presented its along efforts and achievements in combination of navigation and mobile communications as the Platinum Level Sponsor of the forum. All these signs predicted that China navigation industry had entered a stage of higher diversity. Nokia also demonstrated its new Bluetooth navigation module at the forum, provoking great interests of car owners, who were introduced to the forum by Yongda Auto, one of the forum co-organizers. Within the meeting hall, brilliant speeches by speakers from government offices, industrial associations, and renowned companies were welcomed with loud applause, and in particular, the panel discussion which gathered leaders from all the 8 certified domestic digital mapping data companies was favorably received by the audience for its novel form and in-depth content, while outside the meeting hall, a variety of interactive activities were also held at the platform provided by the forum, like ERTICO's large news release conference on DYNASTY, the Sino-Europe cooperation project, the famous navigation brand, Destinator's press conference, Astrob's new product release conference, etc., drawing the eye of professionals and media, and receiving great effect.
     The exhibitors of this forum cover all links along the navigation industry chain, including car manufacturers, navigation hardware/software, navigation data, wireless carriers, and information service, etc. The forum introduced the concept of “Telematics” with a special sub-venue, receiving favorable response. Twenty showcases and booths were set up at the venue, and 10 floating showcases based on cars of BMW, Shanghai VW, etc, attracting more than 1000 potential consumers, promising sound communication and interaction between OEMs and consumers.
     The success of this forum provided an interactive platform for Chinese and foreign automobile manufacturers and wireless carriers, producing significant influence on future navigation and Telematics industry, and also further consolidated and developed the position of the forum as the most valuable navigation industrial summit in Greater China.