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1.   Best Speech: In-Car Navigation - Trends & Challenges

­–  Director Strategy and M&A, Division of Infotainment Solutions, Siemens VDO Automotive AG Jeff Zhou


2.   Excellent Speech: Positioning, Navigation and Timing: Recent Progress of R & D Related Activities in China

Deputy Director-General of High & New Tech. Development & Industrialization Department of Ministry of Science & Technology    Xiaohan Liao


3.   Excellent Speech: Strengthen Unified Supervision of Surveying and Mapping, Improve Public Service Level, and Promote Navigable Map Industry to a New High

Director General of Department of Map Management of State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping    Yongxiong Li   


4.   Excellent Speech: CAPS - Communication Satellite Based Navigation System

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Researcher of National Astronomical Observatories    Guoxiang Ai  


5.   Excellent Speech: Business and Technical Trend of Car Navigation Systems

Expert Member of ITS World Congress; Researcher of New York University of U.S.    Koji Ukena  


6.   Excellent Speech: GNSS – Perspectives of the Future

–  Director of the Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy of the Graz University of Technology; Founder of the Austrian Institute of Navigation    Bernhard Hofmann-Wellenhof   


7.   Excellent Speech: Convergence of the '4 Cs' - Car, Computer, Communications and Consumer Electronics

General Manager, Carwings & Telematics of Nissan Motor    Tsuguo Nobe


8.   Excellent Speech: U.S. Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Program, Policy and International Cooperation

Senior Advisor to Space and Advanced Technology Office, US State Department; Senior Executive of Federal Aviation Administration    Alice Wong


9.   Excellent Speech: New Trends of Navigation

Vice President of China Area, Mio Technology Ltd.    C.P. Lee


10.   Excellent Speech: PND, From Device to Platform

Vice President of AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd.    Yongqi Yang


11.   Excellent Speech: Integration of Navigation Service in Mobile Communications

Senior Project Manager of Data Department, China Mobile Communications Corporation Xingdong Tan


12.   Excellent Speech: Coupling Driving Safety with Increasing Mobile Phone Applications

Director of Telematics Business Unit China Continental Automotive Systems    Ming Jing


13.   Excellent Speech: Drive with Ease, Drive with Fun

Technical Supervisor of Mercedes-Benz    Jin Wang


14.   Excellent Speech: Pushing Boundaries of Location Based Experiences

Multimedia Experiences, Nokia    Nandita Pal